Prebuilt Websites

YOME is Multipurpose Resume Joomla 4 & 5 Template with unique features for creating Single or Multipage Websites.

Technologies Used

This template is built using modern technologies for website creation. With features like drag & drop, live editor and others for a better user experience.

Helix Ultimate

Helix Ultimate is the best template framework for Joomla. It’s a user-friendly, modern, and highly customizable. Add, revome, reorder and configure each part of your site.

SP Page Builder

Real-time Frontend Site Building with 69+ Addons. Just drag and drop to new frontend editing system for create your website in few hours, watching your customizations LIVE in real-time.

Bootstrap 5

We use Bootstrap to create responsive Mobile-first sites. The most popular framework in the world with new technologies such as HTML5, Sass and powerful JavaScript plugins.

Portfolio Styles

YOME has selectable portfolio styles, with column control for desktop, table and mobiles, show/hide filters, show/hide descriptions, fields to add details of all types of projects, and image gallery if you need to add photos of your project. All styles support Mansonry.


Customizing the prebuilt websites or creating your own version is easy with YOME, you just have to select your preferences according to your needs.

8 Preset Colors

YOME has 8 predefined colors, but you can select your own colors for top bar, header, menu, body, footer, links, text and headings from the template options.

Layout Builder

From the template styles you can modify the layout for the entire site or for a single page; you can even create your own headers, just by dragging and dropping.

5 Portfolio Styles

It has column options for each device, filters by category, 5 Masonry styles with many variations. You can add details and gallery for your project.

Dinamic Modules

The modules automatically obtain items with images from portfolios and blogs. You can add same style of your preferred Portfolio or Blogs.


The pages have been built with SP Page Builder. If you want to create your own pages you can use the Front-end Live Editor with 62 addons & styles

Blog Styles

You can choose one of 7 blog styles with one click. Activate Masonry and control the number of columns on desktop, tablet and phones.

How To Setup?

Having your website ready on the internet is so easy that only 3 steps are enough.

Install Quickstart

Install our quickstart package using Joomla native installer.

Select a Version

Convert as default your preferred home version with a single click.

Fill Your Data

Add content using live page builder or your preferred extension.

Header Versions

Changing the header has never been so easy, you just have to click on your favorite header. You can create your own header.

header style 1 Top Bar
header style 2 Classic
header style 3 Minimal - Default
header style 4 Fullwidth Left
header style 5 Fullwidth Center

Why Choose YOME

There are many reasons to choose YOME for your new web project. Below we will describe the main reasons that make it your best option.


By thousands satisfied customers so far, and still growing...

Extensions Included

We include updated packages of the extensions used in the template.


Our documentation is detailed, well organized and easy of understand.

Dedicated Support

We answer your queries immediately when they arrive at our inbox.

Quickstart Package

Create a clon of our demo on your remote or local hosting in minutes.

Template Layout Builder

Add, remove, edit and configure each module position of your website.

Sp Page Builder

The best Drang & Drop and LIVE real-time Page Builder for Joomla.

Headers & Footers

One-click header layout change, and editable Footer variations.

Bootstrap 5

We use Bootstrap 5 inside helix Ultimate with HTML5, CSS3.


Animate the rows, columns and addons with several effects.

Unlimited Colors

You can select your colors in the template builder and in page builder.

Google Fonts

Choose your preferred font, from the entire google fonts list.

Exclusive Addons

Includes more than 7 exclusive Unitemplates addons.

Blog Layouts

Classic columns and masonry layouts to create beautiful blogs.

Megamenu & Off-canvas

Amazing mega menu for desktops and elegant offcanvas for mobile.


Multi locations maps from Google maps or Open Street Maps.


Add videos from popular platforms or local in common formats.


Add audio from popular platforms or local in common formats.

Many More

Construction have more features like regular updates, etc, etc.

You are creative!

We know that you are creative and that you will always need more, so this template includes more than 62 addons with an extensive library of styles ready to include in your project. At Unitemplates we work without limits and we are ready to help you with whatever you want.

New Templates

When we create our templates we do it with a lot of passion. If you like our work, subscribe to be informed when we launch new templates.


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